Woodland Pre-School – Curriculum

Infant Program (Six weeks – twenty four months)
At Woodland Pre School our Infant program teachers know what babies need. Each child´s schedule and needs are respected, with individual attention paid to feeding, diapering, and napping.

1-Individualized care and attention
2-Safe places to explore
3-Engaging experiences that help them learn about the world around them

Our infant program offers calm, nurturing environments that provide opportunities for your baby to learn and grow at his or her own pace.

Whether your child is six weeks or six months old, we’ll support his development and take care of his daily needs the same way you do. We’ll constantly communicate with you about all of the important parts of his/her day such as diapering, feeding, and sleeping — not to mention letting you know about the exciting new learning he experiences every day at Kiddie Crest Academy. We’ll stimulate your baby’s cognitive, emotional and physical development by:
With all of these things, you can be assured that this is the kind of infant child-care environment where children learn best and flourish!

How We Achieve It
Our teachers turn caretaking routines into “care-teaching” opportunities, basing their lesson plans on your child’s unique individual needs and developmental level. Tried-and-true developmental activities focus on:
Gross and fine motor skills
Thinking skills
Social/emotional development

Every day offers a chance for your baby to explore and learn in a safe, fun, and developmentally appropriate environment while under the close supervision of our highly trained teachers.